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West Virginia Schools For The Deaf and the Blind

Residential Program

In the residential setting, all participants accept the need for communication of all kinds.  Staff will understand that for a resident to grow, he or she must acquire a means of communication and feel comfortable using it.  All forms of communication, including ASL, English, Braille, and tactile/picture identification are accepted and practiced by all. Students and staff will learn the value of listening to one another.  They will be flexible and work together in creating effective solutions to problems.  Staff will work to understand residents’ untapped potential and create individualized experiences to promote lifelong learning and happiness.   


Goals for our residential students include:

  1. Demonstrate patience and respect for each other through language, actions, and attitude

  2. Solve problems together

  3. Advocate effectively for themselves as individuals with vision or hearing losses who have unique needs

  4. Create a culture that anticipates and fosters independence and self-determination

  5. Recognize and accept the logical consequences that come with independent decision making

  6. Establish a positive laughter-filled environment where creativity is fostered and independent living skills are promoted

  7. Support its residents as they grow to be independent adults with the skills to thrive in the community and world of their choice 

Dr. Christine Lewis

Director of Student Life


[email protected]


Ms. Susan Swenson

Evening Shift Supervisor


[email protected]


Ms. Dawn Harrold

Night Shift Supervisor


[email protected]

Keller Hall Middle School Boys 304-822-4848

Evening Staff: Cassy, Henretta, Eddie

Night Staff: Chris S


Keller Hall Middle School Girls 304-822-4846

Evening Staff: Kim B, Becky

Night Staff: Deb Mick


Keller Hall Higher Needs Boys 304-822-4888

Evening Staff: Tammy, Kitty

Night Staff: Charles, Pattie


Keller Hall Higher Needs Girls 304-822-4886

Evening Staff:: Debbie, Angela H., Cassy

Night Staff: Robin, Haley


Keller Hall High School Boys Floor 304-822-4889

Evening Staff: Barry, Pam, Ronnie

Night Staff: Dave, Holly


Keller Hall High School Girls 304-822-4887

Evening Staff: Angela L, Chris W, Kim Wales

Night Staff: Krista, Sheila, Crystal

Director of Student Living
Dr. Christine Lewis
Phone: (304) 822-4865