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West Virginia Schools For The Deaf and the Blind

Space Camp

Student in astronaut gear suspended from a cable and working on fastening lines
Blind and visually impaired and deaf and hard of hearing students worldwide participate in the traditional U. S. Space Camp and Aviation Challenge programs with adaptations provided to enhance the student’s participation. After 22 years of adapting programs at Space Camp, over 2500 students have completed the program. Find out how your student could “spend a week in space.”

Any student who is eligible for vision services in West Virginia can apply to the program. Pending grant funding, all expenses are paid. All registration, scholarships, adaptations, and information are coordinated by Dan Oates, SCIVIS 2012, P. O. Box 1034, Romney, WV 26757. Email for information to or call 304-851-5680.

Students eligible for deaf and hard of hearing services in West Virginia may attend Space Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. To obtain information or to register contact Amy Newland at 412-999-4767. E-mail for information to