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West Virginia Schools For The Deaf and the Blind

Homegoing Calendar Change

Dear parent/guardian,

To best serve our children at the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (WVSDB), we have found it necessary to modify plans that guide our weekend protocols so we can ensure students receive the highest quality of care. At the onset of the school year, the WVSDB planned home-goings twice each month. This schedule required that qualified healthcare professionals stay on campus during those weekends when the children remained in Romney to supply the varying levels of support that our students need and deserve.

At this time, even with repeated and continuous efforts, we have not been able to acquire the nursing staff needed. Therefore, your child will be brought home each Friday and will return to campus on Sunday. We have made contact with all of the healthcare vendors eligible to provide us with nurses. However, staffing shortages within these organizations have resulted in critical needs throughout our region, West Virginia, and nation-wide.

We did not anticipate these challenges as we have been able to accommodate weekend care demands in the past. This adjustment will assure that our children are adequately cared for consistently and within state requirements and guidelines. We anticipate following this course for the first semester and will notify you if there are changes to this modification before the winter break. You will receive updates regarding plans for the second semester once those details are confirmed.

As always, we value our WVSDB families and welcome you to reach out to us with questions or concerns.


Melanie Hesse